AFA 70 is the most effective machine for thinning, feeling and transport of bioenergy. With a total loading capacity of 4500 kilo and new transmission, this machine offers a unique capacity and mobility. AFA 70 can be equipped with different crane tip attachments for different  needs. The machine can also be equipped with air condition and stump treatment as extra accessory. 

The forwarder has 6 powered wheels and a maximum quated load of 3000 kg. The 2 front wheels are direct drive and the 4 rear wheels are driven wheel motor which are engaged wehen six wheel drive is required.

The bunk (2.7 m long) was designed to carry a snigle product of an estimated maximum average length of 4.0 m

Forwarder AFA 70
Parkins 404-22T 47 kW
Gearbox Powershift
Speed 20 km/h
Drive Completely mechanical
Wheel arrangement Boogie
Brakes Hidraulic oil immersed acting on front axle transmission
Steering Articulated frame steering
Tyre sizes and pressures Front: 406/70-24" (2,0 bar)
Rear 400x60 R15,5 (3,0 bar)
Length (Max) Min 5,6 m
Width (Max) 1,85 m
Bunk 2,7 m
Maximum height 2,57m m
Weight base machine 3425 kg
Weight loader 485 kg
Ground clearance 40 cm
Load capacity 3000 kg
Loader reach 5-5,6m kg
Lift power, full reach 300-600kg
Turning angle 30°
Grapple capacicity 0,18 ㎡