Compact design and double articulated steering, the Stone-layer machine AFA ROCK 7TG provide excellent maneuverability in confined spaces and job sites. Operators appreciate the high visibility to both the laying edge and what is behind them, ensuring safety and quality work. A low center of gravity guarantees an optimal static stability at any operating position.

Universally suitable for laying all paving stone installation units available on the market!

Quick transformation to mini frontloader (5 min)!

Standard equipment, as follows:

o A 3-cylinder-Kubota-Diesel-engine 20 HP high performance reserves.
o 4 WD hydrostatic with electric wheels block.
o Working load limit kg max. 600
o Wide diameter tyres and high ground clearance, therefore suitable also in rough terrain.
o Wide pivoting range of approximately 1,600 mm from a standing position is achieved solely by a steering movement – and without shifting of the pavement.
o High lifting height enables the handling of double stacked packs up to a height of 1600mm, thus saving a considerable amount of driving-time.
o Unlimited all-round-view for the driver, important when travelling backwards.
o Ergonomical positioning of the seat, steering wheel, operating lever and pedals.
o An exceptional driver’s seat ensures great comfort for an 8-hour working day.
o Large transparent fuel tank with 18 l capacity.

Technical Data:

3-cylinder-Diesel-engine, 20HP · Speed adjustment by hydrostat, max. speed approximately 15 km/h · Total height 2050 mm · Total width 1050 mm · Total length (without clamp) 2400 mm · Ground clearance 180 mm · Total weight (without clamp) 800 kg · Maximum weight of stone formation 300 kg · Lifting off height max. 1600 mm ·

Main gripping width 1150 mm
Side gripping width 1400 mm
Stone thickness 5-14 mm