Agroforteka is a company specializing in the manufacturing of mini loaders and attachments. Our company has more than 10 years of experience in producing different mini loaders and attachments. We have experience with over 25 different producers, which allows us to propose high quality products at a competitive price and flexible delivery times. We specialize in large, complex and simple orders realization according to client requirements. Various custom precision-machined parts, CNC turning-milling in different sizes, cutting (laser, water, gas), bending, welding, and surface treatment: shoot blasting, wet painting, powder coating, thermogalvanic plating and other technological processes allows us to produce high-quality loaders.

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Laser cutting

CO2 laser cutting is the most accurate, the fastest, and often the most economical method of steel and stainless steel processing. When black steel is cut in the protective atmosphere of nitrogen gas, a clean cut without the oxide film is produced, allowing the parts to be painted or galvanized without further treatment. Gas lasers can also cut non-ferrous metals – aluminum, copper, brass or titanium with equal efficiency and accuracy, but due to the reflections there’s a risk of damaging the lens and mirror systems, therefore many are avoiding using gas lasers for cutting these materials; they use abrasive water jet cutting or the new generation fiber laser instead.

We are operating CO2 laser Bystar 3015 with 4.4 kW power source By laser 4400, manufactured by BYSTRONIC, one of the best-known laser manufacturers in the world, and that is the optimal choice for high precision cutting of various thicknesses of steel and stainless steel sheets, as well as tubes and profiles.

By soft software allows processing DXF files easily and quickly, and allows to prepare cutting programs and to save raw materials.
Technical features of CO2 laser Bystar 3015 4.4 kW:

  • Sheet cutting range: 3048 ×1524 mm(two changeable tables);
  • Maximum sheet thickness:25 mm(steel),20 mm(stainless steel);
  • Maximum tube diameter:315 mm;
  • Maximum tube length:3 m;
  • Positioning speed (x and y axes simultaneous):113 m/min;
  • Acceleration:4.5 m/s²;
  • Positioning accuracy: +/-0.1 mm/m;
  • Repeatability: +/-0.05 mm/m.

Abrasive water jet cutting

Of all the industrial methods used for cutting sheet materials, abrasive water jet cutting is the most widely used. This method allows to cut all materials – from the elastic, soft, porous to hard, heat-hardened or multi-layered materials, such as rubber, various plastics, wood, all metals, stone, ceramics, glass, composites, or multi-layered materials consisting of layers of different hardness. The biggest advantage of this method is that the workpiece is not exposed to heat during cutting, and no new tensions are created in the cut area.

Currently, we are operating two machines WJ 3030-2Z by the Czech company PTV. Their technical features:

  • Maximum pressure: 4130 bar;
  • Number of cutting heads: 2;
  • Maximum workpiece dimensions: 3000 ×3000 mm;
  • Maximum cut thickness:200 mm;
  • Cutting accuracy: +/-0.1 mm/m;
  • Repeatability: +/-0.1 mm/m;
  • Cutting speed: 0.5 ÷12,000 mm/min;

Positioning speed:12,000 mm/min.

Plasma and gas cutting

These are efficient, cheap and relatively accurate cutting methods for steel processing. Plasma can also be used to cut stainless steel and aluminum. However, due to high thermal stresses and relatively low accuracy, these methods are usually used to cut workpieces which are further processed, or to cut parts for welded structures. Cutting with plasma or gas can cause bending of the parts, slag formation and also the oxide film inevitably occurs at the cut point.

Main technical data of plasma and gas cutting machine Cortina DS-3100 manufactured by Czech company MGM s.r.o. and operated by UAB Karbonas:

  • Plasma source: Thermal Dynamics Pak Master 150XL;
  • Maximum thickness of quality plasma cut:20 mm(carbon non-alloy steel);
  • Maximum dividing plasma cut:38 mm;
  • Maximum thickness of gas cut:230 mm;
  • Positioning accuracy: +/-0.1 mm;
  • Table dimensions: 2500 ×13,000 mm;
  • Maximum workpiece weight: 800 kg/sq. m;
  • Maximum cutting speed:7.0 m/min;
  • Achievable cut quality: in accordance with ISO 9013-2002 requirements.


In order to better meet customer needs, alongside with cutting services, we began performing tasks of bending, drilling and threading, as well as welding. We are operating a CNC controlled hydraulic bending machine Amada HFE 170-3 made in 2006, and we are constantly renewing our arsenal of punches and swages to be able to perform a wider range of tasks. Technical features of the machine:

  • Nominal pressure force: 1700 kN;
  • Maximum bend length:3170 mm;
  • Frame distance:2700 mm;
  • Open height:470 mm;
  • Throat depth:420 mm;
  • Bending speed:10 mm/s.